Day Eleven: Thoughts

For all the great
Ones need, I don’t
Know, some form
Of affirmation.
Cause that’s what
We all need, isn’t it?
Recognition of our
Existence. Not
All find it. But it’s
Always there. They
Just don’t find it in
Time. Tragically.


Day Ten: Alice Blue 1

Alice wishes she could drive. Before, she
Only rode her bike around the village.
But when needs must, the chances of finding
A car is far more frequent.

She taught herself
To drive, oh, must be, seven months ago.
There’s next to no one filling the roads so
There’s little danger. Each vehicle she
Finds is a new defense, as well as a
Helpful measure. And a home. No place like.

Right now she is stranded. But when isn’t
She? A car isn’t to be seen across
The valley, so her feet take her. Never
Stay in a place too long, and never leave

These lessons were learned too easily

Day Nine: There Is No Alternative

In light of current events
I have made the formidable decision
To resign from discussing
My opinion in politics.

Despite my human need
To become Nottingham’s Billy Bragg
It came to my attention
That I in fact know nothing.
And that all of my opinions
Are quite frankly wrong.

But, saying that,
It never stopped a politician before.

Day Eight: Make things happen.

I need to stop sitting on what’s done before.
Instead I need to put things into action,
Pull forth something from Ambition.
And create something from destruction.

But even then, I’ve sat here for two days
Knowing that this is what I had to write.
I procrastinated about writing
A poem, condemning my procrastination.

If I’m going to do something great
I’m going to have to do them first.
And I’m going to have to do other things wrong
Before even that.

Day 7: A Slapdash Ode to Being a Lazy Fuck

(Note: Please read in a ‘Pretentious Poet’ accent. One that would think it could get away with such dreadful lapses in meter)

I’ve always had a certain call for dreams
That over time have largely stayed unchanged.
But my lack of drive have kept me from my means
And if I carry on they won’t be managed.

Whilst all my peers are looking out ahead
Or have been more achieved in the past
I spend my days unconscious in my bed.
I’d bet a pony that I’ll come in last.

But though my heart will yearn to be an actor,
Poet, rock star, stand up or playwrighter,
It still forgets this one crippling factor
I’ll only work when pulling an all-nighter.

My life will fill with opportunities
I’m sure, but many of them shall be missed.
‘Cause ‘stead of career boosting activities
I’ll strike a ‘Must-Read’ book from off my list.

Day Six: Words

Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words.
(I’m caught in a loop.)
Words. Words. Words. Cough. Words. Words –
I keep meening to write woods
Maybe for the sacraficial aid
That those in our line of work thrive.
No longer pulping, it’s straight to the burning.

How were they ever to know
The lines punctuating a stroll
Can then print in a scroll?
And is the word ‘Word.’ onomatopoeic

Day Four: I should be sleeping

I should be sleeping
By rights I should be in bed
But in fact I sit watching
The BBC news.

I just can’t bring my
Self to sit alone in dark
When I fear by morn the world
Might fill with my fear.

The balance of life
And death seems shadowed on walls.
Shading the lives of my friends.
Everyone grieving.

But I still sit in
Fear that I daren’t comprehend.
Can’t channel Simon Stephens
And write about dread.

I should go to bed.


Sorry, I’ve ran behind on my poems. I’ll try and make up for lost time, but right now I’m really not in the mood.
Tbf, being all scared and emo as I am right now might make for some awesome poetry, you know, emotions running wild
But right now I just need to calm myself down and cheer myself up I guess